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>>> Agencies of the federal government are required to prepare transition briefings for the incoming administration. These briefings are presented to Trump's "landing teams" (when and if they show up) and are meant to spell out each agency's mission, organization, budget, critical issues, plans for the future, etc. They provide interesting windows into each agency.

These briefings were supposed to have been ready by November 1, 2016, in which case the agencies didn't know who would be President. Others were prepared after the election.

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Agencies with "No Records"

The following agencies responded to my request by saying either that they couldn't find any records or that they weren't required to create transition briefings.

Armed Forces Retirement Home

Drug Enforcement Administration

Federal Election Commission

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Federal Housing Finance Agency

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission: "By way of explanation: to date, the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission has not been slated for a visit by a Presidential Transition team.  We note that all current Commissioners are serving active terms; there is no transition activity to report, therefore no visit has been scheduled, and no briefing materials  have been prepared.  In other words, due to the nature of the Commission, the ATDC’s general guidelines have not been found to apply in this instance, and the Commission has not been required to prepare (and therefore is unable to provide you with) the materials you requested. "

Federal Reserve

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board: "There have been no records prepared by the Board for the Trump administration’s Agency Review Teams or incoming political appointees."

National Indian Gaming Commission

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

Surface Transportation Board

Tennessee Valley Authority

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

Other Responses

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board: "After a thorough search, we’ve determined that we do not have any records responsive to your request that are not already publicly available on the Board’s website, such as the organizational chart, the budget and the annual report. To access this information please visit"