Deleted Tweets

A running gallery of deleted tweets, mainly political.

Governor LePage's NSFW Voicemail

The Maine Governor leaves a voicemail for a state representative. " little son of a bitch, socialist c**ksucker..." Not safe for work. Seriously.

The Memory Hole 2 Needs Your Help

The Memory Hole 2 needs your help to survive and thrive. Literally. It's a one-person show, so please consider donating any amount so I can keep tracking down deleted documents, making Freedom of Information Act requests for unseen material, posting docs I find tucked away in obscure corners of the Web, and doing other things to rescue knowledge and free information.

FOIbles: The Justice Dept's Forgotten FOIA Comic

During a brief moment at the beginning of the 1980s, the Justice Department published a single-panel gag comic about the Freedom of Information Act. We have all eight instances of FOIbles inside.

The Navy's Remote-Controlled Sharks

PowerPoint presentation of a Navy project to remotely control sharks - using them as "stealth spies" - via neuro implants.

Material from the Justice Dept's FOIA Litigation Seminar

In October 2015, the Justice Department held a FOIA Litigation Seminar for personnel from across the government who are involved in FOIA lawsuits. These are the materials that were distributed or presented.