The Memory Hole 2 Needs Your Help

The Memory Hole 2 needs your help to survive and thrive. Literally. It's a one-person show, so please consider donating any amount so I can keep tracking down deleted documents, making Freedom of Information Act requests for unseen material, posting docs I find tucked away in obscure corners of the Web, and doing other things to rescue knowledge and free information.

FOIbles: The Justice Dept's Forgotten FOIA Comic

During a brief moment at the beginning of the 1980s, the Justice Department published a single-panel gag comic about the Freedom of Information Act. We have all eight instances of FOIbles inside.

The Navy's Remote-Controlled Sharks

PowerPoint presentation of a Navy project to remotely control sharks - using them as "stealth spies" - via neuro implants.

Material from the Justice Dept's FOIA Litigation Seminar

In October 2015, the Justice Department held a FOIA Litigation Seminar for personnel from across the government who are involved in FOIA lawsuits. These are the materials that were distributed or presented.

Material from Justice Dept's Advanced FOIA Seminar

In May 2016, the Justice Department held an Advanced Freedom of Information Act Seminar for FOIA personnel from across the government. These are the materials that were distributed or presented.

The FDA's Cannabis Studies for the DEA

The FDA's Cannabis Studies for the DEA

The DEA's recent decision to keep marijuana in the same legal category as heroin relied heavily on two reports from the Food and Drug Administration. Those documents are here, along with related material.

Trump Deletions

A collection of online material deleted by Donald Trump and his campaign. Clinton page coming soon.

Document Free-for-All

A smattering of documents I've found online recently. Electronic surveillance, undercover police work, chemical warfare, biometrics, posters, Fort Meade, phone phreaking, and more.