Deleted Tweets

A running gallery of deleted tweets, mainly political.

Trump Deletions

A collection of online material deleted by Donald Trump, his campaign, and his transition team.

The Memory Hole 2 Needs Your Help

The Memory Hole 2 needs your help to survive and thrive. Literally. It's a one-person show, so please consider donating any amount so I can keep tracking down deleted documents, making Freedom of Information Act requests for unseen material, posting docs I find tucked away in obscure corners of the Web, and doing other things to rescue knowledge and free information.

All Documents in the Doe v. Trump Lawsuits

An archive of all legal documents from the lawsuit(s) in which a woman accused Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein of raping her when she was thirteen. On November 4, 2016, she had her lawyers withdraw the suit.

FBI File on CIA/Narc George Hunter White

The FBI's file on the larger-than-life narcotics agent, spy trainer, and overseer of one of the CIA's most infamous MKULTRA "experiments," Operation Midnight Climax

Transparency Reports from 50+ Tech Companies

A growing collection of links to transparency reports for tech companies and web/app-based businesses, including Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, Kickstarter, 23andMe....