Deleted Tweets

A running gallery of deleted tweets, mainly political.

All Documents in the Doe v. Trump Lawsuits

A woman has filed a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump and his billionaire buddy Jeffrey Epstein, claiming they raped her when she was thirteen. We're posting all the legal documents as they become available.

FBI File on CIA/Narc George Hunter White

The FBI's file on the larger-than-life narcotics agent, spy trainer, and overseer of one of the CIA's most infamous MKULTRA "experiments," Operation Midnight Climax

Transparency Reports from 50+ Tech Companies

A growing collection of links to transparency reports for tech companies and web/app-based businesses, including Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, Kickstarter, 23andMe....

Governor LePage's NSFW Voicemail

The Maine Governor leaves a voicemail for a state representative. " little son of a bitch, socialist c**ksucker..." Not safe for work. Seriously.