Diggers and Watchers

Gov404: The Web Integrity Project’s Censorship Tracker

Murder Accountability Project (“Tracking America’s unsolved homicides”)

Sludge (“Investigative journalism on money in politics”)

Corporate Research Project [includes Violation Tracker and Dirt Diggers Digest]

Secrecy News


Under the Radar

Project on Government Oversight

Sunlight Foundation

American Oversight

Property of the People (Operation 45)

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Open the Books

TRAC (Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse)

The Keepers

The Intercept




Glomar Disclosure


Investigative Reporters & Editors

Judicial Watch

Public Citizen

Freedom of the Press Foundation

Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog

Atomic City Underground

Reclaim the Records


Google Transparency Project

The Civil Rights Cold Case Project

Algorithm Tips

One Freedom of Information Request a Day


Freedom of Information Act


Get My FBI File


National Security Archive: FOIA section

FOIA Mapper

freedominfo.org [worldwide]

FOIA Advisor


The FOIA Project

Department of Justice Guide to the Freedom of Information Act



National Freedom of Information Coalition [state & local]



at Government Attic

at Black Vault

at AltGov2


Archives (Government) 

Defense Technical Information Center

National Technical Reports Library

Oversight.gov [reports from dozens of inspectors general in one place]

Worker Fatalities Reported to Federal and State OSHA

Reports of Traffic Accidents Involving Autonomous (Driverless) Vehicles in California

Public Financial Disclosure Reports [Office of Government Ethics]

The Vault [FBI]

CIA: Library

NSA: Declassification and Transparency

Human Radiation Experiments [Dept of Energy]

OpenNet [Dept of Energy]

Judgment Fund [Treasury Dept]

Medical Product Safety Information [FDA]

FDA Adverse Event Reporting System

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [CDC & FDA]

Independent Police Review Authority [Chicago]

Federal Reserve Archive

Open Payments


Transparency around the world

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records

Right to Know [Australia]

FYI.org.nz [New Zealand]

WhatDoTheyKnow [UK]

Gender Pay Gap Service [UK]



Movement for Freedom of Information [Israel]


Freedom of Information [Philippines]   


Document Wranglers , FOIA Geeks, etc.

Steven Aftergood

Emma Best

JPat Brown

CJ Ciamarella

Christopher Collins

Cora Currier

Sarah Emerson

Paul Galante

Josh Gerstein

Edward Hammond

Brad Heath

Andrew Charles Hendricks

Andrew Kaczynski

Azmat Khan

Ken Klippenstein

Jason Leopold

Beryl Lipton

Susan Maret

Adam A. Marshall

Michael Morisy

Shawn Musgrave

NSA Nate

Alexa O'Brien

Greg Palast

Steven Rich

Nick Schwellenbach

Jason Scott  

Ryan Shaprio

Trevor Timm

Marcy Wheeler

Alison Young


Whistleblowers / Leakers

Thomas Drake

Sibel Edmonds

Daniel Ellsberg

John Kiriakou

Chelsea Manning

Jesselyn Radack

Coleen Rowley

Edward Snowden


My Sites


original Memory Hole [v1.0, archived]

original Memory Hole [v1.5, archived]


Archives (General)

Archive Team

Black Vault



Government Attic

Internet Archive: Govdocs


National Security Archive

The Novak Archive

Public Intelligence

That 1 Archive




Archives (Specific)

Edward Hasbrouk’s project to FOIA the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service

Sai: FOIA Disclosures [DOJ, TSA, USPS & USPIS]

Crimes Against Workers Database

FBI Docs

FaithLeaks [internal documents from religious organizations]

Accessible Journal Media: Peace Corps Documents

Open Ownership [database of corporate ownership]

Institute for Cannabis: FOIA document archive

Liberated Manuals [~5,000 military technical manuals]

Nautilus Institute: FOIA document archive

Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project: Investigative Dashboard Search

The Monsanto Papers [court documents and discovery documents (some previously sealed) about Roundup / glyphosate]

Charlie Savage FOIA lawsuits

Marshall Islands Nuclear Document Database [private mirror of 13,000+ documents the Dept of Energy deleted in 2013]

The Poison Papers ["Documenting the Hidden History of Chemical and Pesticide Hazards in the United States"]

Climate Files

Prickly Research [FOIAed documents on biolabs, infectious diseases, bio-chem warfare, etc.]

Wilson Center Digital Archive ["International History Declassified"]

Humane Borders [documenting/mapping migrant deaths at the Arizona/Mexico border]

FOIA the Dead

Extensive guide to digital archives of newspapers

Exotic Animal Incidents

RECAP [millions of PACER documents for free]

Financial disclosures of White House staff

USA Facts

Federal Contractor Misconduct Database

Toxic Docs [internal chemical industry documents]

Oversight [Inspector General reports]

Assassination Archives and Research Center

Special Branch Files Project

Famous Trials

Politwoops ["deleted tweets from politicians"]

Numbers Stations

Fatal Encounters


NSA documents

Documents from the US Espionage Den

The Panama Papers

The Pentagon Papers

Industry Documents Library (internal tobacco, pharmaceutical, and chemical docs)

Tobacco Archives

Ernie Lazar FOIA Collection (2,200+ FBI files)

F.B. Eyes Digital Archive

Harold Weisberg Archive

Ferguson Project

The Torture Database

Guantánamo Periodic Review Guide

The Guantanamo Docket

Original "Dark Alliance" series by Gary Webb

Aaron Swartz Files

Air Force History Index

The Hague Justice Portal

Eugenics in Western Canada

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Archive

Broken Arrow: Goldsboro, NC

Room 6527

The United Nations War Crimes Commission research project

The Rumsfeld Papers

A Columbine Site [also: Columbine Online]

Government Comics


Archives (Historical Figures)

William Blake

Winston Churchill

Emily Dickinson

Albert Einstein

Benjamin Franklin

Franz Kafka

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

Isaac Newton

William Shakespeare [also] [also]

Walt Whitman