Manga CVN73: The USS George Washington [English PDF] [Japanese PDF]

>>> In spring 2008, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington was due to be deployed in Japan, and many Japanese were not happy about it. That May the US Navy published a bit of propaganda in the form of a 200-page graphic novel done in manga style. Written and drawn by Harumi Sato and Hiroshi Kazusa, it tried to humanize the situation by following the personal development of a sailor onboard the ship.

Manga CVN73: The USS George Washington - in Japanese and English versions - was given away in Japan, but a printed edition was never made available in the US. Both versions were posted as PDFs to the Naval Forces Japan website at this link, but ten months later, the site was restructured and the graphic novels disappeared. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine didn't capture them, but the English PDF survived on a single Japanese-language website, while numerous Japanese sites mirrored the Japanese file.

Note: Manga is read from right to left.


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