>>> On March 7, 2017, Mike Flynn belatedly filed the Foreign Agents Registration Act paperwork for his firm's paid work for Turkey. Which was happening while Flynn was briefly Trump's National Security Advisor, attending classified intelligence briefings and such.

Below are links to all 6 documents on the Justice Department's Foreign Agents Registration Act website, with mirrors of each document here on The Memory Hole 2:

Registration Statement ("Initial filing for primary registrant") [FARA.gov] [MemHole2]

Supplemental Statement ("6 month activities and financial information") [FARA.gov] [MemHole2]

Short Form [1] ("Statement Individual foreign agents") [FARA.gov] [MemHole2]

Short Form [2] ("Statement Individual foreign agents") [FARA.gov] [MemHole2]

Exhibits A&B ("Foreign principal" and "Foreign principal agreement") [FARA.gov] [MemHole2]

Exhibit C ("Articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc.") [FARA.gov] [MemHole2]

Bonus Material: Flynn's earlier Turkey-related filings under the Lobbying Disclosure Act:

Lobbying Registration (Sept 15, 2016) [House of Reps] [MemHole2]

Lobbying Report (2016, 4th quarter, termination report) [House of Reps] [MemHole2]

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