>>> Due to numerous Freedom of Information Act requests, including mine, the National Park Service released 43 aerial photos of Trump’s inauguration, as well as 93 on-the-ground photos. It also released numerous photos of Obama's inaugurations.

The requests, of course, were triggered by the ongoing insistence by Trump (and Spicer) that the crowd at Trump’s swearing-in ceremony on the National Mall was the biggest ever. This claim was easily disproved by existing

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photos and video taken from a high angle, but Trump’s continued bragging in the face of all facts led to multiple FOIA requests to the National Park Service, which oversees the National Mall.

The photos were released March 3, 2017. I've posted all the Trump photos as a gallery below. To download zip files containing the high-resolution photos, go halfway down the National Park Service's FOIA page, to the section "Inaugural Photos" >> "NAMA 2017": www.nps.gov/aboutus/foia/foia-frd.htm

The photos don't have time stamps, but if you look at the high-res versions, you can see the huge monitors that were set up on the National Mall. They clearly show the inauguration ceremony in process. Several of them show Trump being sworn in. As I mentioned, the high-res versions are available on NPS.gov here.

Other panoramic shots from high angles have already been released. These newly released NPS photos merely confirm what we already know. To see high-res shots from Reuters photographer Lucas Jackson, check this out: "'All of This Space Was Full': A Photographic Fact Check." Once again, the huge monitors in the shots clearly show that the inauguration ceremony was happening.