List of Therapeutic Cannabinoid Research Projects FY2015 [Excel]

List of Therapeutic Cannabinoid Research Publications FY2015 [PDF]

>>> Going against the federal government's unrelentingly hostile attitude toward marijuana, the National Institutes of Health has started funding studies into the benefits of cannabis and its components. In a letter received by The Memory Hole 2 as part of a Freedom of Information Act request, the FOIA office for the NIH's National Institute on Drug Abuse explained:

As background, NIH developed an official reporting category to identify and report research examining the therapeutic potential of marijuana and its constituent cannabinoid compounds. This category called “Therapeutic Cannabinoid Research” was first reported in February of 2016 listing projects (research studies) supported in fiscal year 2015 (FY15) and is the most recent official listing. This category will be annually reported from now on with the next installment planned in February 2017.

NIH paid out $21 million in funding for the FY2015 studies and are predicting $22 million for FY2016 and for FY2017.

You have to drill way down into the Research Online Portfolio Reporting Tools (RePORT) on NIH's website to get the details, but they're there. This page lists all the FY2015 studies. Click on any project number to get complete info on that study. (The page for FY2016 studies hasn't been created yet.)

You can also get the FY2015 listing in Excel format here. (Released as part of our FOIA request.)

Additionally, there's a 48-page listing of research publications in medical journals based on the NIH-funded cannabis studies. This document was released as part of the FOIA request and is not otherwise available. The NIDA FOIA office helpfully explains:

This is a listing of the publications resulting from the FY15 NIH-supported projects. Please note that the list does not capture publications currently being written or under review.  In addition, there may be some small error associated with identifying publications that can be attributed to each NIH project. Publications to date can be identified by manually entering an NIH project number in PubMed using the advanced search features (accessed here: 

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