Defense Department: "FOIA 101" Powerpoint presentation [PDF]
Recently released due to a FOIA request from The Memory Hole 2. The Defense Department FOIA office said that it's withholding three related "FOIA 101" training videos because they're internal, deliberative material. I've filed an appeal.

Air Force: FOIA training materials, audits, etc. [PDF]
In 2012, a friend of the Memhole dug through the massive amount of documents in the Air Force's FOIA reading room, pulling out any material having to do with processing FOIA requests. This is a compilation of those documents.

National Security Agency: "FOIA Processing Handbook" [PDF] FOIA Standard Operating Procedures [PDF]
Another friend of the Memhole unearthed these documents through recent FOIA requests. The second document is a compilation of 12 standard operating procedures that the NSA apparently sends to private contractors who process FOIA requests for them.

Central Intelligence Agency: "Third Party FOIA Processing Checklist" [JPEG; also below]
The CIA accidentally sent this to a third friend of the Memhole. It was enclosed in a FOIA response but obviously is meant for internal use only.