Immediately after Anthony Scaramucci was named White House communications director on July 21, 2017, Josh Billinson discovered two tweets critical of Trump. After Billinson tweeted about them, Scaramucci blocked him (temporarily) and deleted the tweets. Soon after, it became apparent that Scaramucci was deleting more tweets, leading numerous outlets to report on this. I've confirmed that all of the tweets on this page are gone.


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Article . (This deleted tweet links to  this article .)

Article. (This deleted tweet links to this article.)

In response to the news that he deleted some of his tweets, Scaramucci offered up this astounding bit of doublethink:

It's also interesting to note what Scaramucci didn't delete. He chose to wipe out his tweets dinging Trump and praising Hillary and Jeb. And he deleted all tweets showing his liberal views on three topics: gun control, climate change, and border walls.

Yet he has left alone all the tweets showing his liberal views on gay rights and same-sex marriage, the death penalty, Islam, free trade, globalization, and Brexit.

Strange that he considers gun control, climate change, and border walls such third rails that he has to erase his now-politically incorrect views on them, but he's okay with leaving up his similarly anti-Trumpist views on marriage equality, Islam, and capital punishment.