>>> William "Brute" Bradford is Trump's recent pick to head the Department of Energy's Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs, which works with Native American tribes. (Much of his background, though, is in military intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security, and as a professor he has taught national security, the law of armed conflict, and related fields at National Defense University, West Point, and elsewhere.) Sometime recently, Bradford deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In an article that got a good bit of attention, the Washington Post reproduced eight of his most inflammatory tweets, including those calling Obama a "Kenyan creampuff" and saying the WWII-era internment of Japanese Americans was "necessary." Reached by the Washington Post for comment, he emailed an apology, which said, in part: “These comments are inexcusable and I do not stand by them."

I wondered if those were all of his worst tweets, so I checked out Bradford's Twitter account in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. The Wayback had captured two pages of his tweets, yet even that small sampling yielded more cringe-inducing tweets that weren't in the WaPo article:

Then there's this tweet that Bradford retweeted:

Bradford also has a Medium account, which is still online. There are no articles/postings from him on it, but there are several comments he made, always in response to postings from the Trump transition website greatagain.gov, which is a Medium site. (Here's an archive of Bradford's comments in case they disappear.)

Here are two of his comments, which, as I mentioned, are still online as of this writing:

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