>>> When Trump became President, all of his properties worldwide instantly became big, juicy targets for terrorists and "lone nut" shooters. There's been some question among the media, watchdog groups, and Congressional Democrats about what added protection there might be and who's paying for it.

I filed a Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act request for info on whether the US government is assisting Scotland in any way with the protection of Trump's two golf resorts, of which he's extremely proud.

I heard back from Scotland's External Affairs Directorate (basically equivalent to the State Department in the US), and they said that Scotland is not receiving any assistance, financial or otherwise.

Keep in mind that this doesn't rule out the possibility that US government agencies are directly protecting the golf resorts, rather than assisting the Scottish government in doing so.

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Thanks to a FOISA request by Scottish investigative reporting outlet The Ferret, we know that at the very least, one private firm is providing security. Presumably Trump is paying for that, although we don't know for sure. Considering the lax security at Mar-a-Lago when Trump isn't there, maybe some security guards really are the only ones protecting these bulls-eye properties.