"A Host-Controlling BioTag" [PDF]

>>> DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is known for funding some wild projects, and this is one of the wildest. Cutting-edge marine biologist Jelle Atema of Boston University believes that neural implants can put sharks under human control. DARPA funded and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center oversaw his project to turn sharks into "stealth spies."

This project was presented at the 2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, and New Scientist reported on it. That article is partially behind a paywall, but news outlets put out articles based on it.

In 2011 someone filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Navy for documents about this remote-controlled shark project. They were given what appears to be a print-out of a PowerPoint presentation, most likely the one that was given at the Ocean Sciences Meeting. I've scanned it and posted it as a PDF above.

As you can see, Atema was at the point of actually implanting "BioTags" in sharks and controlling their swimming to a degree. I'll file a follow-up request to see what became of this project.

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