Click here for the uncensored report [PDF]

>>> With no notice, in October 2003 the Justice Department posted a long-awaited report on its website. Justice spent $2 million for a study on the racial and gender diversity of its attorney workforce. The report has been complete for almost two years, but the Department stalled its release, despite numerous Freedom of Information Act requests.

When the report quietly appeared on one of the FOIA sections of the Department's website, almost half of it had been blacked out. Even Congress' report on 9/11 had a smaller percentage of its contents redacted. The Memory Hole was able to remove all the redactions, and lo and behold, nothing that had been blacked out was a matter of national security or law-enforcement investigations. It was simply embarrassing to the Justice Department. This act of uncensoring led to The Memory Hole's first front-page coverage in the New York Times.

At the above link you'll find the report with yellow highlighting where all the redactions had been, allowing you to easily see what was kept from us.

To download the report as originally released - with all redactions intact - click here [PDF format].

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