A roster of 104,000 people of Japanese heritage sent to US internment camps:
PDF / plaintext (.txt) / Excel spreadsheet / CSV file

>>> During World War II, in what is often called one of the darkest chapters in US history, people of Japanese ancestry - naturalized US citizens, US-born citizens, and Japanese citizens - were forcibly removed from their homes and put into concentration camps in the US interior. This happened mainly on the West Coast and Arizona and to a lesser extent in Hawaii and Alaska. An estimated 110,000 - 130,000 people were subjected to this forced relocation and imprisonment.

The website of the US National Archives contains millions of files, and tucked away in one unassuming corner is an amazing document: a listing of almost every person sent to the internment camps. The Archives posted this document in a ridiculously obscure format: as a .pu file (PlantUML format), which is unopenable for 99.9% of us. After wrestling with it for a while, I got it open as a plaintext file, then converted it to a PDF. Jeremy Gailor kindly converted the original PU file to Excel and CSV formats. All are posted above.

It looks like approximately 104,000 people are on this list, which is the vast majority of those who were sent to the camps.

Each line starts with the name of a person processed by the War Relocation Authority, followed by a bunch of alphanumerical codes. To make full sense of it, you'll need to read the National Archives' 94-page guide to this list:

National Archives guide to data from WRA Form 26 [Japanese internees]

Among other things, it contains the full instructions given to government workers who were processing the internees/prisoners using WRA Form 26. (I've extracted a copy of the form itself below.)

Related: JapaneseRelocation.org has taken this information and turned it into a database that is searchable by name, with all the column codes deciphered.

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WRA Form 26