FBI File on George Hunter White [PDF]: Part One \ Part Two

>>> If you're a student of intelligence, MKULTRA, human experimentation, or the history of LSD, you surely know about the CIA's sleazy operation in two Greenwich Village apartments in the early 1950s. One was made into a brothel where the prostitutes secretly dosed men with LSD, Sodium Pentothal ("truth serum"), and other drugs while spooks in the adjoining apartment filmed the proceedings through a two-way mirror. George White ran that operation, called Midnight Climax. (He later moved the proceedings to San Francisco.)

White was a high-ranking, two-fisted member of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, an ancestor of the Drug Enforcement Administration. He was also a CIA asset and had been a spy-trainer for the OSS. Here's the FBI's recently released file on him, which shows, among other things, that the Bureau was onto White during his MKULTRA experiment in New York.


"Diary of a CIA Operative," a 1977 Washington Post article

"The LSD Chronicles: George Hunter White" Part One \ Part Two \ Part Three

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