>>> Even by the standards of anti-drug propaganda meant for children, "Soozie Says" is shockingly awful (except for the center-spread above, which is actually pretty nice in a 1970s-kids'-book kind of way). Seemingly conceived, written, drawn, and sent to the printer within a couple of hours, it features several errors on the first page, including something I've never seen before: a comma used where an apostrophe should be. "I,m Soozie."

It goes on to hammer home the idea that drugs are A-OK if your doctor gives them to you (got that, Oxy users?). The messages being sent are confusing (apparently, according to page 15, cab drivers, streetcart vendors, pharmacists, and strangers can all gives us drugs). Then there's the double meaning of "Only sick people use drugs." Only people who have illnesses are allowed to take (prescription) drugs, and people who take street drugs are sickos.

The Memory Hole 2 scanned a copy from a Federal Depository Library and has posted a PDF at the link above.

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