Update [Jan 1, 2018]: It took a while, but I removed the ridiculous security that the NY Attorney General Office put on these files, so you can now divide them up into smaller chunks, pull out specific documents, etc. I also ran text recognition on them, so they're now searchable. (The OCR didn't seem to work on every page in file 2, though.)

Trump Foundation Documents (unlocked and searchable):

File 1 [PDF / 351MB]
File 2 [PDF / 1.3GB]

Original, locked versions as sent by NY Attorney General Office: 
File 1 [PDF 1.3 gigs]
File 2 [PDF 1.5 gigs]

>>> On October 8, 2016, I filed a Freedom of Information Law request with the New York Attorney General Office, asking for every document regarding the Donald J. Trump Foundation and the Eric Trump Foundation that has already been released to any other requesters.

I received 3,182 pages. The majority is state and federal filings of the Trump Foundation, plus a good deal of

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communications to and from New York tax and charity bureaus, as well as the NY Attorney General and the IRS. Some of this covers the donations made to And Justice For All, an organization that financially supported the re-election of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who had been considering joining a lawsuit against Trump University (she changed her mind after the donation). A tiny bit of the material involves the Eric Trump Foundation.

Bits and pieces of these documents have been posted online in various places, but this is the first time all 3,000+ pages have been made available.

Note: The New York Office of the Attorney General sent the two PDF files with settings that make them impossible to divide into smaller files, along with other restrictions. I've requested that they send me unrestricted versions of these PDFs, and I'll post them when and if they arrive. [See update at the top of the page.]