Due to a Freedom of Information Act request from Politico, the Clinton Presidential Library has released 555 photos of Bill Clinton at two events in 2000 - at Trump Tower and at the US Open. Twenty-two of these photos show Clinton interacting with Donald Trump.

Politico chose to post eight of these photos [here]. The Memory Hole 2, through a piggyback FOIA request, has obtained the photos and is posting all 22 of them (below), as well as contact sheets showing all 555 photos (further below).

Strangely, Politico cropped the most revealing photo, of Trump cupping Clinton's package. Maybe Politico is trying to be family-friendly, unlike Trump. You can see their treatment of the photo here, and we've placed the original and the cropped versions side by side:

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Some additional info: Politico's FOIA request to the Clinton Library is case #2016-0549-F. When I sent in my FOIA request for the photos, the National Archives audio/visual archivist who works at the Clinton Library explained that all 555 photos are now officially released and available to the public without a FOIA request. Besides sending the Trump-Clinton photos, he sent the following PDF and link:

Clinton Presidential Library finding aid for photographs relating to Donald Trump [link]

Contact sheet of all photos [PDF]

The Trump Tower photos were taken by Ralph Alswang, and the US Open photos are by William Vasta.

The 22 Clinton-Trump Photos

Contact sheets for the 555 photos

[click here for the original PDF]