>>> As part of its attempt to influence the 2016 US presidential election, the Kremlin created phony accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, then paid for thousands of divisive political postings to be run as ads. Congress held three hearings into this matter on October 31 and November 1.

At first, Facebook refused to hand over the ads to Congress. Eventually, FB relented but still refuses to let the public see which paid postings were bought by Russia in order to influence us. Congress is reportedly in possession of around 3,000 of these ads from Facebook/Instagram, as well as an unknown number from Twitter.

At the beginning of November, the Democratic minority of the House Intelligence Committee released over 30 of them here and here. (Rep. Adam Schiff said: "I am also committed to making all of these ads public as soon as possible, working closely with Facebook to address any privacy considerations.")

Almost every online news outlet has posted some of these images. Here you'll find all that were released. They're displayed on this page, and I've made them available as a single PDF, along with the metadata that was released for most of them.

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Bonus material

Senator Mark Warner tweeted this image, which was part of the hearings. It was not a paid ad but rather a posting from the Russia-created Facebook page Army of Jesus, which had 217,000 followers:


The two tweets below were blown up as posters and presented at the hearings. (Screencaps come from Recode.) They were Russia-created tweets telling people to vote for Clinton by text and tweet, which is of course are not legitimate ways to vote.