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Steven Abrams [link]

Richard Aron [link]

Lynn Aronberg [link]

Carlos Arrendondo [link]

Mari Arrendondo [link]

Brenda Axelrod [link]

Carlin Axelrod [link]

Sophia Baratashvili [link]

Bill Belichick [link]

Robert Berg [link]

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Theodore Berman [link]

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Robert Falk [link]

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Former Members

Jeffrey Epstein - billionaire convicted pedophile [link] More about Epstein here and here

Jack McDonald - former mayor of Palm Beach [link]



Rami Ajaj, line and prep cook [link]

Rosemary Davila, director of spa services [link]

Kelley Flynn, banquet chef [link]

Aaron Fuller, executive chef, director of food & beverage [link] [link]

Janine Gill, director of human resources [link]

Shannon Gouleven, lead massage therapist and aesthetician [link]

Kitty Gubello, food and beverage analyst [link]

Sylvie Guilbert, Director of Guest Suites & Housekeeping Services [link]

Bernd Lembcke, managing director and executive vice president [link] [link]

Thomas Machate, IT specialist [link]

William Matamoros, banquet server [link]

Shawn McCabe, assistant managing director / vice president [link]

Terence McDonald, director of security [link]

Gloria Myers, executive assistant / membership [link]

Scarlette Olivares, bartender [link]

Rick Orsi, food and beverages service manager [link]

John Osborn, director of croquet [link]

Bianca Pop, front desk supervisor [link]

Ionel Porumb, transporation manager [link]

Conaire Quigley, beverage manager [link]

Graham Randall, executive pastry chef [link]

Ed Raymundo, director of finance [link]

Heather Rinkus, guest reception manager [link]

Doug Seberg, beach club and valet manager [link]

Anthony Senecal, former butler, current estate historian [link]

Drew Schrum, director of tennis [link]

Vince Spadea, tennis instructor [link]

Dani Taylor, catering coordinator [link]

Brooke Watson, catering and events director [link]

>>> Around 500 private citizens and a few foreign nationals have unprecedented access to the President of the United States. By paying a $200,000 initiation fee, $14,000 annual dues, and a $2,000 yearly minimum on food, they belong to Trump's swanky Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. This allows them to casually interact with the Leader of the Free World in a relaxed setting, often with no media present.

Trump has repeatedly asked members and their guests for advice about issues or nominations that are confronting him, and in one memorable instance, he and the Prime Minister of Japan dealt with an international nuclear crisis at their patio table, surrounded by members, their guests, and staff. In another recent occurrence, Trump offhandedly asked a club member if he would consider building the border wall with Mexico. And he's nominated three members of his club for positions as US ambassadors.

Who are these people who have unfettered access to "the Winter White House"?

Trump and the Mar-a-Lago Club haven't made a list available, so I'm piecing one together based on reports in the New York Times, Washington Post, New York Post, Palm Beach Post, London Guardian and Telegraph, PoliticoVanity Fair, Town and Country, and elsewhere. I'm also including staff and former members after the main list.

If you know of other members, or have corrections, please get in touch.

photo credit: Al Drago, New York Times

The Now-Deleted "Contact Us" Page from the Mar-a-Lago Website