UPDATE [Sept 14, 2017]: In response to my questions about this withdrawal, Margaret Hawkins - the acting director of Records Appraisal and Agency Assistance at the National Archives - explained:

"In discussions between the NARA appraiser and ICE representatives, it was determined that the system that was the subject of the schedule does not itself create or store original data. Since no new master files are created or modified in the system, there were no records to schedule. As such, the schedule was withdrawn and returned without action."

>>> Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has submitted several proposals to the National Archives, asking for permission to destroy specific types of records after a set time. This is a normal process for all agencies, but it needs to be watched closely. Exactly what documents will be deleted/shredded, and when, is a profoundly important issue of transparency, accountability, and preserving history.

I wrote about one of ICE's proposals a couple of weeks ago, and it triggered a lot of concern and outrage. That specific proposal covered 11 categories of documents, including records involving deaths and sexual assaults in ICE custody.

I've recently learned that ICE has withdrawn a different proposal. Again, let me state that the proposal that got so much attention has not been withdrawn, to my knowledge. But a different proposal has.

Specifically, ICE had entered schedule DAA-0567-2017-0001 into the proposal process. I requested a copy, but Margaret Hawkins - who oversees these matters at the National Archives - informed me that ICE has withdrawn it from consideration.

According to the notice in the Federal Register, this particular schedule covered 10 types of documents. The description reads:

"Master files of an electronic information system used to process, track, and store information about aliens who remain in the United States after receiving a final order of removal, deportation, or exclusion."

As I find out more about this proposal and why it was withdrawn, I'll update this page.