The Deleted Report [PDF, 14 pages]

On or around December 1, 2016, Canada's defense department (National Defence) removed an online report from June 2014: "A Comparative Analysis of Minimum Resource Requirements for Single and Mixed Fleets for The National Fighter Procurement Evaluation of Options" (published by the military agency Defence Research and Development Canada).

The government claims it suddenly realized that the two-and-a-half-year-old report contains classified information. Observers say the report was pulled because it's become politically inconvenient. The report argues against buying Super Hornets as a stop-gap measure to keep up military capabilities, but the government wants to make the purchase. Poof. The report disappeared. We recovered it and mirrored it above.

Related article: "Report critical of interim fighter jet purchases deleted from DND website amid plan to buy Super Hornets" [National Post]

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